Why Do You Need a Gap in Laminate Flooring?

Homeowners frequently choose laminate flooring because of its dependability, affordability, and simplicity of installation. Yet, the requirement for a gap in laminate flooring is a topic frequently occurring during the installation process. So, Why does laminate flooring need a gap? With the assistance of Best Flooring Fitters London, we’ll go over the significance of leaving a gap in laminate flooring in this post.

What Use Does a Gap in Laminate Flooring Serve?

Laminate floors are designed with gaps between the planks to expand and contract the flooring owing to variations in temperature and humidity. The flooring wouldn’t be able to grow without a hole, which could cause buckling, warping, or other damage.

Laminate flooring can absorb water and expand if it is exposed to dampness. This can push the flooring up against the walls, which might cause it to buckle or even lift. However, the flooring can extend without bumping up against the walls when a gap is left, resulting in a suitable installation that will last many years.

How Much of a Gap Should a Laminate Floor Have?

The manufacturer’s recommendations and the installation technique, among other things, will affect the amount of gap in laminate flooring. However, the spacing should typically be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch, giving the flooring ample room to expand and compress without damage.

Is it Possible to Fill the Gap Following Installation?

Baseboards or quarter-round molding can be put in place once the laminate flooring installation is finished to hide the gap. In addition to filling the void, these finishing touches will give the flooring a more polished appearance.

The flooring will stay intact and unharmed by allowing for expansion and contraction brought on by variations in humidity and temperature. It is advisable to seek help from a seasoned flooring installer like Best Flooring Fitters London if you are unclear on how to install laminate flooring effectively.



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