Are Gaps in Laminate Flooring Supposed to Exist?

You might be asking, Are there supposed to be gaps in laminate flooring if you’re installing laminate flooring or have just had it done. With the assistance of Best Flooring Fitters London, we’ll analyze whether gaps in laminate flooring are typical and when they can be cause for alarm in this article.

Little areas between the flooring planks are referred to as gaps in laminate flooring. Depending on the manner of installation and the setting where the flooring is laid, these gaps may need to be more perceptible or noticeable.

Are Laminate Floor Gaps Common?

In brief, gaps in laminate flooring are expected and usual. However, in reality, to allow for expansion and contraction of the flooring owing to variations in temperature and humidity, most laminate flooring manufacturers advise leaving a little gap between the boards during installation.

Depending on the installation method and the manufacturer’s instructions, this gap typically ranges from 1/4 to 1/2 inch. After installation, baseboards or quarter-round molding are used to close the gap.

When Should You Worry About Laminate Flooring Gaps?

Although gaps in laminate flooring are expected, they could be cause for concern in some circumstances. For example, the flooring installation could be a problem if the holes are more comprehensive than the manufacturer’s specifications or if they seem to be becoming more extensive over time.

Inadequate installation methods, such as failing to employ spacers or giving an insufficient area for expansion and contraction, may result in significant gaps. Moreover, the environment’s high humidity or moisture content might expand the flooring, resulting in cracks.

Get in touch with a seasoned flooring installer like Best Flooring Fitters London if you notice more significant than usual gaps in your laminate flooring or have questions about the installation procedure. To make sure the flooring is placed and maintained correctly, they can evaluate the issue and decide if any corrective action is required.

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