When Laminate Flooring Can Be Used for Furniture

After investing significant money in installing a new laminate floor, you may be eager to start furnishing your area with your preferred furnishings. However, knowing how soon can you put furniture on laminate flooring before rearranging the table in the space is crucial.

The thickness of the planks, the type of adhesive applied, the temperature and humidity levels in the room, and other variables will all affect how long laminate flooring will take to be suitable for furniture. Generally speaking, it is advised to wait at least 24 hours before setting the table on the floor.

This is because the laminate planks’ glue needs time to cure and adequately adhere to the subfloor during installation properly. Therefore, you risk breaking the planks or making them loose if you lay furniture on the flooring before thoroughly drying the adhesive.

A correct temperature and humidity level must also be maintained in the room before and after the installation. For example, the laminate flooring may expand in a hot or humid environment, resulting in loose or even buckling planks.

Consider initially putting lightweight furniture on the floor if you’re eager to start decorating your new laminate flooring. Until the advised waiting period has gone, avoid placing heavy furniture, such as armoires or dressers.

It’s also important to remember that even if you wait the advised 24 hours before setting furniture on the flooring, you should still be careful not to drag heavy furniture or appliances across the surface as this might result in scratches or damage.

Be patient and allow enough time for your new laminate flooring to cure so you can properly use it for many years. Additionally, pay attention to the weight of your furniture and try to delay putting large pieces of furniture on the new laminate flooring until the advised waiting period has gone.

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