What Happens During Laminate Flooring Installation If Spacers Aren’t Used?

Due to its dependability, affordability, and simplicity of installation, laminate flooring is a preferred option among homeowners. However, the significance of employing spacers throughout the installation process is frequently disregarded. So, What happens if you don’t use spacers when installing laminate flooring? With Best Flooring Fitters London’s assistance, we will examine why spacers are essential when installing laminate flooring and what may go wrong if you don’t utilize them.

Why Are Spacers Required?

Spacers aid in ensuring a professional-looking installation in addition to protecting against damage. In addition, the spacers assist in generating a tidy appearance by establishing a consistent distance between the flooring and the wall.

What Happens If Spacers Are Not Used?

Many problems may occur if spacers are not used when installing laminate flooring. For example, the flooring could first compress, buckle, or warp, giving it an uneven or distorted appearance.

The walls or baseboards may be harmed if the flooring pushes up against them as it expands. This may necessitate expensive repairs or the removal and replacement of the flooring entirely.

Last but not least, without spacers, the flooring could not be able to expand and contract as intended, potentially resulting in gaps or separations between the planks.

Using Spacers Properly While Laying Laminate Flooring

Spacers must be used to achieve a successful and attractive installation of laminate flooring. Here are a few pointers for properly using spacers:

Employ spacers that are the right size for the manufacturer and installation style of your particular flooring.

Please make sure they are uniformly spaced, and place the spacers around the wall every few feet.

For consistency throughout the installation process, check the spacing at regular intervals.

After the flooring installation, remove the spacers and replace them with baseboards or quarter-round molding.

Without spacers, the flooring could swell or crack, requiring expensive repairs. Contact Best Flooring Fitters London for expert installation services if you need clarification on installing laminate flooring effectively.

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