Tile Vs. Laminate: Which One Is Cheaper

There are many options for laminate and tile flooring that may accommodate any budget. In general, tile costs more than laminate but is also more robust. Laminate is more affordable and suitable for do-it-yourself installation. So, is tile cheaper than laminate?

You’ll observe a fairly even split between the costs of the materials when comparing the prices of tile and laminate floors. The price of laminate planks will often range from £8 to £23 per sq.m, while the price of ceramic or porcelain tiles will typically range from £14.00 to £50 per square metre.

On the other side, natural stone tiles can cost significantly more, depending on the product you select.

The cost of installation may not be as expensive as the materials themselves. The installation of laminate typically costs between £14 and £16 per sq.m, while the installation of tile often costs between £45 and £47 per sq.m. We’ll go into more detail about why a little later. Also, keep in mind that these are only rough estimates. The real cost of installation will vary based on the project, the location, and the materials.

The long-term resale value of laminate versus tile
The tile has a far higher long-term value while maybe costing more to install. Since laminate cannot be refinished, you will need to replace it when it becomes worn out (every 10–25 years or so on average). And it doesn’t significantly increase the value of your house.

On the other side, tile can last a lifetime with proper maintenance and does increase the value of your home.

Both laminate and tile offer major advantages in terms of cost. Although laminate is less expensive to buy and install, it has lower long-term value. Although tile requires a larger upfront cost, it will raise the value of your home and last longer.

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