Should Tile Be Removed Before Laminate Flooring Is Installed?

If you’re considering putting laminate flooring over your current tile, you may be debating whether it is preferable to take the tile out or arrange the laminate right on top of it. So, Is it better to remove tile before installing laminate flooring? While both solutions have their supporters, it is often preferable to remove the tile before laying laminate flooring. Here are a few justifications.

First and foremost, removing the tile will guarantee the correct laminate flooring installation. If the existing tile has any lumps or bumps, it can cause an uneven installation of the laminate flooring, which needs a flat, level surface. Furthermore, laying laminate flooring on the tile directly causes the latter to slide and shift, which may result in gaps, cracks, or other damages over time.

Removing the tile will also provide your new flooring with a better foundation, which is another reason why doing so is preferable. The grout lines in the tile may show through the new flooring if laminate is installed over the tile, creating an ugly and uneven appearance. By removing the tile, you’ll be able to place new flooring on a clean, fresh base, giving your room a much nicer, more unified look.

You can check for and address any underlying problems, like fractures or moisture damage, that might exist beneath the tile by removing it. It’s critical to take care of these problems before installing laminate flooring since they may compromise the installation and durability of your new flooring.

If the tile is sound and has a flat surface, you may be able to lay laminate flooring right over it. However, this is typically not advised because it can result in issues later. It is essential to check with Best Flooring Fitters London if you are unsure whether your tile is suitable for laminate flooring to be installed.

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