Replacing Existing Laminate Flooring with New Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an excellent, cost-effective material that works well for many applications. If laminate flooring is laid the first time correctly, it is a lasting material investment that will last for many years. Therefore, one of our inquiries is whether it is wise to put new laminate flooring over pre-existing laminate flooring. Can I install laminate flooring over other types of flooring?

Installing laminate flooring on top of another can lead to issues that, over time, become more expensive to correct. For this reason, we usually advise removing the old laminate before putting in new. Choosing a reputable flooring business that can install laminate flooring professionally is also a good idea to save time and money.

In addition to having the proper tools and equipment, a skilled installer has the training to evaluate the area and identify any potential installation issues with laminate flooring.

However, for the following reasons, we do not advise using this strategy:

There will be a significant increase in floor height.
While this slight elevation may not seem like a big deal, placing laminate flooring over another will lift all baseboards, doors, and door jambs. In addition, if laminate flooring is installed in the kitchen, the little increase in floor height may make it challenging to fit kitchen appliances beneath counters with fixed sizes.

A floating floor is laminate flooring.
This effectively creates two floating floors when putting laminate flooring on top of laminate flooring. In addition, you will have to cope with problems caused by one or both feet beginning to contract, expand, or gape.

Flooring FItters London is the best place for laminate flooring are those that are prone to dampness, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The substance is water-resistant, and our qualified specialists will guarantee that your flooring is fitted correctly the first time around.

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