Get Floored: What Laminate Flooring Thickness Is Best?

The best flooring can make a world of difference in your home or place of work, as we at Best Flooring Fitters London are well aware. A frequent query is Which thickness laminate flooring is best? So let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of various laminate flooring thicknesses in more detail.

The thickness of laminate flooring Best Flooring Fitters London recommends ranges from 6mm to 12mm. Thicker laminate flooring often has a longer lifespan and offers superior sound absorption. But, more expensive laminate flooring could also be more comprehensive.

The least expensive and thinnest option is laminate flooring, which is 6mm. The laminate flooring’s thickness mentioned works best in places with little traffic, such as bedrooms, offices, and guest rooms. It’s also a smart choice for folks with limited funds.

Compared to 6mm laminate flooring, 8mm laminate flooring offers superior durability and sound insulation. Therefore, it is appropriate for low to moderate-traffic spaces, like living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers.

A mid-range choice that offers good durability and sound insulation is 10mm laminate flooring. It is appropriate for busy spaces like kitchens, lobbies, and entranceways.

The thickest option, 12mm laminate flooring, offers the best durability and sound absorption. It is appropriate for high-traffic areas, including lobbies, passageways, and foyers. The additional thickness also improves sound insulation, making it a suitable choice for apartments or bedrooms upstairs.

It’s crucial to consider your needs and budget when selecting the laminate flooring’s thickness. While more expensive, thicker laminate flooring offers superior durability and sound insulation. However, thinner laminate flooring could be more cost-effective and acceptable for low-traffic areas.

The thickness of your laminate flooring should be determined by your needs and financial constraints, according to Best Flooring Fitters London. Best Flooring Installers The team of experts in London can help you select the best flooring for your home or business while also providing competent installation services. For additional details about installing and maintaining laminate flooring, get in touch with us right away.

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