Answering the Mysterious Question: Do Floating Floors Need Time to Settle?

Due to its adaptability and simplicity of installation, floating flooring has grown in popularity recently. However, homeowners still have many questions about this sort of flooring, like whether it takes time for floating floors to settle. We at Best Flooring Fitters London are here to dispel your questions and give you the required information. So, Do floating floors need time to settle? Yes, to answer briefly. Floating floors need time to relax before usage, much like other types of flooring. However, the type of flooring and the circumstances in your home can affect how long this settling period lasts.

Floating floors “float” on the subfloor rather than being fastened to it. This indicates that they move slightly as they get used to the humidity and temperature in your house. It’s crucial to give your floating floor some time to settle before utilizing it as a result. If enough room isn’t provided for the planks or tiles to expand or contract, it could result in gaps or buckling.

Before using your floating floor, Best Flooring Fitters London advises waiting at least 48 hours following installation. Moving large pieces of furniture during this time and putting rugs or mats on the floor might slow the settling process. Moreover, it’s a good idea to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level in your home throughout this time to reduce any variations that can hinder the settling process.

Giving a floating floor more time to settle is crucial if you’re putting it in a busy location. For instance, you might have to wait up to a week or longer before using a business space after installing a floating floor.

At Best Flooring Fitters London, we advise avoiding heavy objects like rugs or mats and waiting at least 48 hours before stepping on your new floor. Your floating floor will look fantastic and last many years if you give it time to settle properly. Contact Best Flooring Fitters London immediately for more details on installing and maintaining floating floors.

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